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Expand Your Presence

The days of placing an ad and then waiting for the phone to ring are long gone.  Now, your business needs a strong presence on at least six platforms and without a plan that can be difficult to manage. At BayCreative, we have developed a marketing strategy that not only expands your presence; it builds the brand awareness necessary to compete in today’s crowded and aggressive business environment.

Our full service, B2B marketing agency employs several strategies that will keep your brand on prospects’ radar.

Web Presence Marketing:

  • Website Build, Redo or Tune-up
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Animated Promotional Tours & Products/Services Demos


  • Print
  • Online (Animated, Static, Interstitial, Webmercial)
  • TV and Radio
  • Non-Traditional (Digital Billboard, Polybagging/Inserts)
  • Custom Publishing
  • Content Syndication

Social Media:

  • Blogging
  • Presence on all Social Networks
  • Develop Online Communities
  • Communities Participation (Industry, Topic, Geography)
  • Viral Marketing Videos and Podcasts


  • Company Conferences & Parties
  • Industry Trade Show Presence
  • Virtual/Online Events

Market Research:

  • Recognition & Competitive Positioning
  • Attitudes & Perception

Public & Analyst Relations:

  • Media Briefings & Tours
  • Analyst Briefings & Tours
  • By-line Articles
  • Press Releases & Kits
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Awards Submissions

Internal Communications:

  • Executive E-mail and Voicemail to Staff
  • Internal Wikis
  • Internal Company Meetings

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