BayCreative should be called "Bay Customer Service" because that's what they're all about.

Fernando Urroz
Director, Marketing Communications


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Case Study: Hitachi

Challenge: BayCreative partnered with Hitachi Ubiquity Systems in the launch and promotion of two products—VisionPlate and VisionCube. We worked closely with Hitachi executives and marketing directors on strategy, supporting research, advertising, direct response, trade show presence, as well as training and educational materials and other sales support materials. The BayCreative team, always at the ready, work on many deliverables simultaneously to meet specific launch goals. After launch, BayCreative continued with development of Hitachi advertising, direct response, and lead generating efforts.

BayCreative Solution: Hitachi valued the single source efficiency of BayCreative and took advantage of our broad range of services and coordinated management of these services. Hitachi saved time and money by collaborating with BayCreative to streamline and ensure task completion on aggressive deadlines.

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