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Case Study: ICIX

Challenge: icix provides its members an industry network for managing supply chain information and events. The network blends the expertise of compliance professionals with proven Internet technology to create a new approach for demonstrating compliance, managing approval and improving quality. Members receive around the clock access to the icix supplier community and valuable tools that help companies improve the quality of their supply chains and reduce risk. So how can icix maximize the amount of Sponsor Members — the advanced membership that provides the highest benefits to their customers, and garners the highest annual subscription revenues?

BayCreative Solution: We collaborated with executive and marketing teams at icix to identify key Sponsor Members that have been customers for several years, and experienced demonstrable improvements in compliance and risk management. BayCreative conducted interviews with icix customers, designed a single-page success story template that extended the icix brand, and laid-out the content in a consistent format. With it, prospects can learn how companies similar to their own have overcome their challenges of maintaining and keeping current large volumes of supply chain compliance documentation without increasing the manpower.

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