We’re absolutely thrilled with the explainer videos BayCreative produced for Kabam.  They provided turnkey support from initial concepts, storyboarding and script development—to design, animation and post-production editing. We needed out-of -the-box ideas, and BayCreative delivered!

Andrew Sheppard
President, Worldwide Studios


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Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Pay Per Click Management in a Box
BayCreative is ready to get search engine marketing (SEM) working for your business. Our team includes search advertising experts who are Google AdWords Certified and Bing Ads.

 google adwords certified partner   Bing Ads Accredited

We take the guesswork out of running campaigns and Pay Per Click management. Our approach is collaborative and customized to suit your needs. And everything is easy to track—you’ll always have a clear picture of performance.

Value Optimize your Adwords and Bing Accounts
Finding the right clicks for your business is key. And this comes from developing great content that improves your Quality Scores — an important factor in campaign performance. Our writers are expert in creating content that builds up your scores. At the same time, better content makes your unique value to customers more clear.

The Great Match Maker
At BayCreative we see SEM as the great matchmaker. We believe with so much access to products and services on the internet, finding the right match is more important than just always showing up in a lot of searches. We take your SEM to a high degree of customization. Instead of a rat race for keywords, and the associated expense, we develop content that’s unique, better suited to your customers, and more cost effective.

Continuous Service
We adjust the variables for campaigns thoughtfully and often. Much is learned during the process and we apply that knowledge to improve performance. BayCreative is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco and ready to put our team to work for you.

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