Readying a Traditional Company for Unconventional Times

Fasteners are just about everywhere you look, in every product, in every industry and Olander is a mainstay in the fastener business. It’s a traditional business but better stay fresh if they want to be thought of as relevant. And with a new crop of fastener customers coming up, younger, web-based, mobile, Olander needs to connect in a way that makes sense to them. This 58-year old family-owned distributor turned to BayCreative to help facilitate a new kind of buyer’s journey. We simplified the brand, narrowed the focus, and developed a neutral pallet that’s distinctive. We simplified the way products are represented on their new e-commerce website. The results – an easier experience for customers, a mobile-first emphasis, and a brand visual identity for the fastener company for the future.


Branded Banners

Brand Guidelines

"What makes BayCreative unique is the personal touch they bring to each project as a family-owned business." Bhavna Sharma, Director of Marketing, Olander