Shaping the Identity of a Company Changing How We Relate to Brands

Meet Lia, Roman, Jasmine, and Bella. Four current members of the Soul Machines “team.” They’re busy working for companies and organizations all over the world, helping customers find what they’re looking for. What’s unique about this team is that they’re actually Digital People, driven by AI and the most sophisticated technology. Soul Machines is the world leader in humanizing AI, and BayCreative is telling their story—how Lia is helping a university through the admissions process, how Yumi is helping the customers of a cosmetics giant find beauty products. We are developing the brand identity of a company that’s changing the way people interact with brands.

Logo Design

SK-II — Customer Success Story

Product Graphic Representation

"I consider BayCreative members of my team." Lisa Henderson, Vice President of Marketing, Soul Machines