The Value of Videos in Engaging with More B2B Clients and Prospects

As decision-makers, senior executives are fiercely pursued in B2B sales, partnerships, and marketing. It is not easy to gain their attention, nor keep them engaged.
Understanding how to attract and engage these prospects is key, and that is directly related to what type of content they prefer and what inspires them to act. Where does video come into play, and where is your company’s entry point or opportunity for creating videos? How does video drive an executive down the purchase path? Simply attracting your prospect isn’t enough anymore; how do you engage them with video? How do you create an engaging video?

Our award-winning video production experts have been creating videos for B2B tech companies for decades. Together, they outlined why your prospects look to video when making their decisions and the impressive conversion rates you can achieve when engaging them with video. Use this eBook to inform the next evolution of your creative asset strategy for sales enablement, building partnerships, telling the story of your customer’s success, and differentiating your brand. Download the eBook below!

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